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  • 48 hours

    in Kayseri

    First Day

    After enjoying a traditional breakfast early in the morning, you can visit the Archaeological Museum, Tradesmen Museum, Güpgüpoğlu Mansion and the Ethnographical Museum, Atatürk House, Castle, Vezir Inn, Ulu Mosque, Covered Bazaar, Gevher Nesibe Medical History Museum (Seljuk Civilization Museum) and Döner Kümbet, in that order. Then, you can take a break for lunch and sample some of the local delicacies. After lunch, you can go to Ağırnas, the birthplace of Mimar Sinan, stopping at Gesi Vineyards on the way to discover the pigeon houses, and at Kültepe Tumulus to witness history. When you arrive in Ağırnas, you can explore the astonishing underground cities, which are at least 3,000 years old, visit the Mimar Sinan House and see the Sinan Fountain. If you’re not too tired, make a last stop at Tuzla Lake, an hour’s drive. Let the beautiful natural surroundings energize you and set off on the return journey.

    Second Day

    On the second day, early in the morning, you can stop in Hürmetçi and Dokuzpınar and watch the wild horses (yılkı horses) prancing around the wetlands. You can also taste the local sausage, pastrami, and buffalo-milk clotted cream, and then set off for the Soğanlı Valley. Starting from the Akköy Dam Lake, you can visit the Geyikli, Tahtalı (Santa Barbara), Kubbeli, Saklı, Yılanlı, Karabaş, Tokalı and Ballık churches located within the valley. As in many regions, you can buy cloth dolls that reflect the local culture and then go to Sultansazlığı and see this natural wonder. After a nice lunch in the fresh air, you can head to Erciyes Ski Centre and ski or hike for the rest of the day. When you return to the city, you can stop by the Grand Bazaar and buy a few gifts, then sit somewhere and treat yourself to a feast of the famous Kayseri mantı.