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    Bayram Hacı Thermal Springs

    Set 65 km from the Kayseri city centre, the waters of the Bayram Hacı Thermal Springs (Bayram hacı Kaplıcaları) are believed to be therapeutic in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory, kidney and urinary tract diseases, gynaecological diseases and nutritional disorders.

    Aladağlar National Park

    Yedigöller (Seven Lakes), Hacer Forest and Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls are in Aladağlar National Park. Aladağlar National Park (Aladağlar Milli Parkı) offers stunning views and beautiful areas, thanks to numerous plants and flowers, and its seven lakes, which are unique natural wonders with camping options on their shores. With more than 100 lakes in total and many waterfalls, the park also has climbing areas and hiking trails– the Boğaz and Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls in the Hacer Forest are the most well-known trekking routes. The Hacer features high-quality, long-leafed black pine trees. The Zamantı River, flowing through steep rocks in the national park, appeals to rafting enthusiasts. The ascent to Aladağlar takes four hours and the descent takes two hours. Aladağlar is one of the leading regions of Yedigöller mountain tourism.

    Koramaz Valley

    Koramaz Valley (Koramaz Vadisi) was formed due to an earthquake rupture and was included in the World Heritage Temporary List by UNESCO in 2020 thanks to its nature and cultural assets.

    There are many settlements in the valley and hundreds of elements with origins in the past, including architectural works, production centres, churches, archaeological sites, fossil beds, waterways, and underground cities. The nature of the area is splendid.

    Tuzla Lake

    The lake is separated from the Kızılırmak River. Around Tuzla Lake there are reeds, marshes, salty vegetation steppes, pastures and agricultural lands. Due to the decline in precipitation and a rise in evaporation during the summer months, the lake area shrinks and the salt in the water is deposited on the edge of the lake. ​​Lake Tuzla, which was declared a first-degree natural protected area in 1993, is also in the list of Türkiye’s most recent Ramsar (important wetland) sites. The area surrounding the lake was the settlement area for ​​many civilizations beginning around the BCE 2nd century, from the Hittites to the Ottoman Empire; it was one of the important intersections of migration and trade routes. Located on the historical Silk Road, there are many inns, caravansaries, mosques and social complexes around the lake, such as Sultanhanı, which has survived to the present time.

    Erciyes Ski Centre

    Erciyes Mountain is the biggest mountain in the Central Anatolia Region and the fifth largest in Türkiye. Erciyes, once a volcanic mountain, erupted violently 30 million years ago, spewing ashes for hundreds of kilometres. These ashes, along with those of Hasan Mountain, formed the geological structure of the Cappadocia region and the formation of fairy chimneys.

    Mount Erciyes maintains its importance throughout the year and attracts visitors to its winter tourism facilities, mountain climbing and plateau tourism, as well as altitude camps and motorized and non-motorized vehicle sports. The Ski Centre features 18 state-of-the-art mechanical facilities, 34 different ski runs with a total length of 102 kms, and 154 artificial snow machines. 

    Ali Mountain- Paragliding

    Ali Mountain is in Talas, a district that hosts international paragliding contests. Ali Mountain is popular among local and foreign tourists due to its location and geographical structure; as well, it provides thrill seekers with the opportunity to enjoy paragliding with instructors.