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    Soğanlı Rag Dolls
    Made by villagers, Soğanlı dolls are typical of the region’s handicrafts and are popular souvenirs. The dolls are made of wooden sticks and fabric, and sometimes decorated with beads or sequins.

    Bünyan Carpet

    The most important feature of a Bünyan carpet is that it is woven from natural wool and dyes. Since 1907, cotton yarn and synthetic dyes have been used as warps in Bünyan carpets.

    Yahyalı Carpet

    These handcrafted carpets are woven from wool and dyed with madder. Mud, vine leaves, walnut shells and leaves, buckthorn and many similar natural materials are used to dye the yarn for the carpets; these types of dyes are not found in other handwoven carpets. Yahyalı carpets do not fade and their value tends to increase in line with their age and use.


    These underground production facilities are quite common around Kayseri, featuring millstones called seten stones, which are used to extract the oil of the wild flax seed, called “zeyrek”. At the time, the Ağırnas region was where the Ottomans cultivated the wild flax seed abundantly as an industrial plant and produced the linseed oil used in the soap and paint industry.